Gettin’ toasted.


Howdy guys! I’m Korey, I like to go camping. This is my first post on here so it’s going to be pretty short and ackword, but we’ll get over that one day. One thing you should know is my family and I go camping (glamping) more than your average family, and the place we go ninty percent of the time is Canyon Lake, Texas. We love it there, it’s pretty much our second home, but who doesn’t love the hill country.


This weekend was the forth time Steph and I tent camped while the rest of my family slept cozy in there 38 foot camper.

We love it though, something about wakeing up in a moist tent that just get my blood flowing in the morning! Not really, but we do love it, I’ve gotten some of my best sleep in my tent on my twin sized air mattress, however I have really grown to appreciate my king size mattress at my house! But this weekend was great, we got to spend time with my aunt that practically raised me, and my cousin I grew up with, they recently moved to Canyon Lake, so it went from seeing them once every couple of years to now seeing them at least once a month, I love it.

Evertime we get together my aunt wants me to cook her BBQ apparently I cook good? Haha j/k, I do, but this time I let my little brother cook the big stuff and he killed it, he cooked an awesome rack of ribs and some country style pork ribs. They were killer! I stuck to just looking the small things like bacon wrapped jalapeño, sausage, and some bean that I proudly cooked on my $9 camp stove I got off amazon,but that’s A different post. So as all the foods cooking , we are all sitting around our camp fire talking and drinking a few beers, I’m also trying to get everyone to take Jell-O shots with me, and aunt Laura is just about the only one knocking them out with me. She’s my sprit animal. So we continue to conversate till the food is ready and then head to the picnic table to eat, but just as we get there aunt Laura’s phone rings, is my cousin from San Marcos  about 30 mins northish from Canyon Lake, anyways I guess my cousin asked what she was doing and see replied, “Gettin toasted, with aunt Sara.” I looked at Steph and couldn’t help but smile and giggle a little.

What she said is not a big deal, but the way she said it was awesome! Every time I think of this memory it reminds me that it’s ok to just cut lose and hang out for a little while, time for just the family and time to give them your full attention, not scrolling though your feed on Instagram and Facebook. We are all guilty of this, I know, but it reminds me to make memories like we did in the good ol’ days, before the Internet.

In this, I just want to remind y’all to spend time with your families, real time disconnected from all the distracted outlets of the Internet, and remember to value there presents.

-peace out


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